Action Items For Allies: An Introduction

Update 10/12/2020 –

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This week we hosted our August Community Forum: Violence Against the Transgender Community. During the event, the panelists discussed their experiences dealing with transphobic violence and offered some advice for Transgender individuals dealing with everyday challenges and also recommended some action items for allies to better support the Trans individuals in their community.

Here are a few takeaways from the evening. We’ll be releasing graphics and details about these items in the coming weeks to provide fuller context for these encouragements and action items.

Takeaways: Action Items for Allies

  1. What are your own biases?
  2. Cisgender people need to step up
  3. Education is key
  4. See something, say something
  5. Do what you can
  6. Plant a seed
  7. We need more mental health care for Transgender people
  8. Do your homework
  9. Support Transgender experiences
  10. Transgender people still rely on others to step up for them
  11. Do a community assessment
  12. Go to to assist the housing insecure

Takeaways: Encouragement for Transgender Individuals

  1. Use your supportive community
  2. Guilt and Shame serve the choices we make
  3. Give yourself time
  4. You are not alone
  5. Make ourselves present, known and heard
  6. Write a journal
  7. Anger and fear should not rule your day
  8. No one has a right to control your identity
  9. This is a fight that you have to continue to fight
  10. Strategize
  11. Meet people where they are
  12. Shine on! Don’t let them dim your lights!

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