Roshan Mahato

roshan mahato


Roshan is a social worker and Massachusetts resident since 2014. He was born and raised in a remote village in rural Nepal. After completing high school, he went to Kathmandu to work at the age of 16. He then joined Nepal’s nascent LGBTI movement and rose up the ranks to become a leader of various organizations. While working as a LGBTI activist, Roshan obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sociology from Tribhuvan University. After coming to the US, he also obtained a master’s degree in international development and social change from Clark University in 2017. Roshan volunteered at the North Shore Pride festival for three years before joining the board in 2018 to help achieve its mission of making positive social change through unity, dialogue, community participation and awareness. He thinks that life is like a group project and we need to support each other to achieve success.