Sherry Gagne

sherry gagne


Sherry is an award-winning jewelry designer and experienced social worker with expertise working with diverse communities. She is committed to individual empowerment, community organizing and social justice. A Salem native, she has been a presence on the North shore as a human rights activist for over 15 years. Her activism has brought her to all but one North shore Pride parade as either a participant or volunteer.

Sherry, currently resides in Marblehead and is a vocal supporter of Marblehead’s racial justice work and LGBTQIA concerns. Her work in Marblehead includes participation in the monthly Conversations on Race by MRJT (Marblehead Racial Justice Team) and the installation of a Black Lives Matter banner at the UU Church. Sherry is an active member of the Social Action Committee at her church, which has been a leader in the community for raising awareness on LGBTQIA issues, immigration, climate justice, interfaith alliances, racial equity, and criminal justice reform. She is also a member of the new Marblehead community group advocating for the replacement of Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day.

Sherry is never far from the ongoing justice efforts throughout the North shore community. Although she resides in Marblehead, her heart remains in Salem as well. She was a vocal supporter for the Sanctuary City Movement and held signs for Yes on 3 to uphold protections and rights for the transgender community.

In her spare time, Sherry likes to spend time designing jewelry while on her community’s Intertribal Pow-Wow grounds in NH, sharing her jewelry at local farmer’s markets, visiting Provincetown, communing with nature in the Ipswich River Wild-life Sanctuary, or in yet another social justice meeting.