North Shore Pride’s Virtual Vendor Fair


Since the 2020 North Shore Pride Parade and Festival has moved to a Virtual Event, our annual Vendor Fair is too! Please fill out the application below to be part of the Virtual Vendor Fair, which will take place in June 2020 in the weeks leading up to our Virtual Pride Parade.

How it Works 

  1. Fill out the application below, and please pay special attention to the web/social media/online store fields because our digital content manager will be using this information to promote you during the Virtual Pride Parade.
  2. Make sure your online store and/or web presence is ready to go by June 1st. North Shore Pride will be driving traffic to your online stores during the month, and having your virtual vendor booth ready to go will make sure it has the highest impact.
  3. North Shore Pride will make at least one promotional post featuring each of the participating vendors during the month of June on its social media channels. All participating vendors will be featured on static page throughout the month of June on the North Shore Pride Website.
  4. While participation in the virtual vendor fair is free, we hope that you will consider making a one time $25.00 donation to support our continued efforts towards making the 2020 Virtual Pride as engaging as possible.
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